Meet Farah

Farah's PicRaised in a small town in Southern Ontario, I studied psychology and gerontology from the University of Waterloo. Intrigued by the law, I complemented my study by working in the criminal justice system. With a passion for international travel and a desire to develop robust research skills, I set out to study criminology at the University of Cambridge, U.K. My research examined the developmental causes of crime and delinquency, parenting skills and socio-emotional behaviour of youth in Zurich, Switzerland. After returning to Canada, I felt the desire to integrate my interests in law and the human condition leading to the pursuit of a Masters of Social Work specializing in Health and Mental Health at the University of Toronto. My doctorate research involved the development, implementation and evaluation of an 8-week mindfulness/yoga program for post-traumatic stress and was completed at the University of Toronto (OISE).

Like many people, I was initially drawn to yoga as a way to relax and complement my other exercise routines but continued and immersed myself in focused mind-body practice, research and teaching because of the deep internal healing it provides.  While working as an Education Consultant in Cambodia, I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga (KY), took part in a weekend intensive and fell in love with the practice.  When returning to Toronto, I was inspired by a great teacher, Guru Fatha Singh and began intensive, research and practice of yoga and meditation.

Having lived and worked in various contexts, I bring an equity and social justice perspective to my work. This means that I respect the goals, views and pace that brings you to therapy. External systemic barriers (sexism, racism, gender, heterosexism, ageism, ableism) can result in internalized oppression and if relevant, can be explored in therapy.

I have worked as an addictions and mental health specialist for adults, youth (ages 12-24), couples and families in the areas of substance use and problem gambling for the last ten years. As a therapist and educator at CAMH, I developed online and face-to-face training programs in the areas of addictions, mental health and mindfulness programming for clinicians across the province of Ontario. I provide professional consultation and mentoring to colleagues and organizations in the areas of program development and evaluation and teach as a part-time professor at Ryerson University.

My professional and personal experience of being a psychologist, clinical social worker, and yoga instructor/practitioner has strengthened my ability to help others. Those with whom I work often say I am trustworthy, approachable, sincere and draw out the strengths of everyone with whom I interact. I feel that a relationship of trust and collaboration is essential to our work together. My ultimate goal is to support you in finding your path of resilience and serenity in this often stressful world.